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Lean Manufacturing: Getting leaner every single day

ILSHIN has been a practitioner of lean manufacturing of miniature/micro speaker over the past decade. ILSHIN is proud of what it has achieved:

- We have taken tremendous commitment and created connected process flow, known as one-piece flow. This, not only, dramatically increased productivity, but also allowed us to apply quality control into each single process.

- We introduced the “pull system”, meaning that production could be arranged upon receiving customer orders. This has enabled ILSHIN as a manufacturer to operate in the most efficient way due to better production planning and minimal stock levels.

- Standardized process has been documented in the most detailed way possible. Initial training to new joiners is done by the most experienced and skillful operators. Every action is replicated consistently in the same manner, leading to a consistent premium quality.

- ILSHIN strives for continuous improvement opportunities and implements initiatives using PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) methodology. We identify and eliminate process waste, fix problems on the spot even it sometimes means we have to temporarily stop the production.