Design your own miniature/micro speaker

ILSHIN has specialized in miniature/micro speaker designing and manufacturing over the past two decades. We know exactly how every single miniature speaker can and should be modified to suit your needs. The picture below shows the major components within a miniature/micro speaker.

Cone, also known as diaphragm, plays the most important role in determining the characteristics of an acoustic system. This can be as simple as a Mylar (PET) diaphragm or a composite. While a Mylar diaphragm has consistent thickness and is ideal for high frequency extension, a composite is composed of up to 5 layers of different materials and has a lower resonance frequency, meaning that its weight can be easily manipulated to achieve a good low- and mid-range bass. The diaphragm surface patterns can increase diaphragm stiffness without increasing its weight, leading to a better and more stable response curve.

Voice coil, a long and thin wire of copper, is glued in a circular manner before being attached to the cone. Coil with higher purity can be used to reduce non-linear distortion. As the only component that can accumulate heat during operation, it should be designed either to radiate heat rapidly or has a strong heat-resistance. We set most miniature speakers impedance 8 ohms for larger SPL and better operating efficiency. For high power miniature speakers, special heat-resistant glues, such as polyurethane, are recommended.

Plate and magnet trap and concentrate electromagnetic fields to cut across alternating current in voice coil. ILSHIN mainly employs NdFeB magnet. Electroplated NdFeB magnet is able to produce strong electromagnetic field with a long life expectancy. A multi-magnet design is available and it can increase SPL sensitivity, such as products A2014G and B2840A.

Frame houses all components mentioned above. It normally comes in metal or plastic materials and in all shapes and dimensions. Metal frames are heavier and could cause electrometric interference, but cheaper. Plastic ones are becoming increasingly popular due to its light weight, the easiness to adjust shapes and hence acoustic specifications.

PCB connects the power input and voice coil. Various mounting configurations are available such as wire leads, solder pins and pads. In some special products, spring connection is also available, such as product A1511H35 .

ILSHIN are professional miniature/micro speaker builders. We believe we are able to assist you with designing your own miniature speakers to suit your purposes better.

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